I was driving along a country road in southern Pennsylvania, when I saw dozens of very contented cattle enjoying the shade of these small pine trees. Dare I say they even looked rather cute and huggable? I asked the farmer whether he minded my photographing his happy cows, and he beamed with pride. "Go right ahead," he said. I was struck with how idealic this setting was for these animals and how their behavior wasn't too much different from our own. There was the shy little calf hiding behind his mother's legs, the awkward adolescent bull, just molting and cutting his horns, and the matronly cow to the left, with her own unique hair style. Just like any human family, they were all staring at me, wondering why on earth I was intruding on their little gathering. (Canon 10D, 28-135mm USM IS lens at 28mm, 1/20, f8.)

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