I shot this scene during an amazing snow storm on the historic streets of colonial Yorktown, Virginia. It was all I could do to keep my lens dry. The funny thing about this picture was that it had an "apparition" in it, just over the rooftop. I thought it looked like one of our colonial ancesters giving an impassioned speech. Earline thought it looked more like a general ordering troops into battle. Curious to see what it really was, we both took a look at it during clearer weather. It was a lopped off tree with a ball of vines on top (which looked like a head)! I edited it just a bit, since it looked rather strange. Oh yes, I got to the scene just 15 sec too late, after the two figures in the photo had walked too far down the road. No problem; I rescaled and repositioned them. (Click here to learn more and to see "before" and "after" shots.) (Canon 10D, 28-135mm IS USM 50mm, f/8.0, 1/180s.)

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